Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Kinda Day

Today is the first Saturday in a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG time where we could just relax and go with the flow. And when I say "LONG" I mean in ages, since probably before B arrived. And thanks to the help and love, I actually managed to get back to sleep after my early wake up call and sleep until 10am! After that, I ate, relaxed (see the theme here?), took a long bath and got right back in my most comfy, favorite spot. I just love days like today. B is sleeping by my side. J is being spoiled by Mimi and all is right with the world at this moment. Let me take a minute to inhale and exhale.... Okay, I'm back. Aside from that, things are going okay. B, you are still in this crazy sleep pattern that we can't seem to break. I think even you realize that waking up to eat just isn't the business anymore because you hardly every even want to finish your bottles. But you go down between 8pm and 9pm, wake up around midnight to eat, then you are up again anytime between 2:30am and 3am to eat again. Then you are usually up for the day around 6am, maybe 7am if we're lucky. We've tried just about everything, but you aren't fussy, so I think you just like the attention and the nurturing. I'm giving you a few more weeks cause once we get settled in the new house, hopefully your crib and new room will be the magic touch! (BTW, where the heck is the spell check on the new blogger) As I posted earlier, your second tooth is in and that one came in without too much fuss or incident. You can barely see them peeking from your gums, but they are so cute. We took a trip to Whole Foods yesterday to get you some puffs and teething biscuits to chew on and you seem to like them. I am in the process of expanding your foods as well. You are super interested in eating and if someone is eating around you, you beg for a taste. I was making most of your food, but with the move, we've been relying on some organics to hold us over. And you enjoy them just fine, especially carrots and apples. I got you some blends yesterday that we'll try this week. Some of them, I just can't get over though, I mean, who the hell would want to eat spinich, apples and sweet potatoes in one sitting? Um, gross! So anyhow, we will see how you like the more pleasant blends. Okay, well, I guess I will get back to relaxing and doing nothing (sounds DIVINE doesn't it). It's back to the busy life soon enough...Gotta prep to go to a friend's 5th birthday party tomorrow :) Happy weekend everyone!

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