Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Blogging Break...Hello 2012

Well, I have a lot of updating to do. We are in the midst of a great holiday break. Recaps to come as my blogging break is coming to an end. I will have full blog posts again when we return home in a few days. The boys are doing great, enjoying time with family and friends and being spoiled by grandmothers. Though breaks like this are always welcomed and nice, it's also good to be back home in our own beds and back to our routines, so we are looking forward to that as well.

As we face the last few hours of the year that is 2011, I am reflecting on how life has changed. I am still sad that it was a year that my dad didn't get to see. He has missed so much and he is missed so much. We continue to carry him in our hearts always! I have been trying to think of three words to sum up the year (I love that feature on the Sunday CBS morning news)and too many words come to mind...I mean, can I do anything in three words? So after much pondering, I am thinking "transitions through blessings" summarizes my year. Yeah, when I think about it, those three words seem powerful and fitting. What would your three words be? Interesting to think about, right?

Anyhow, like I said, full recaps of the holidays and the boys are coming zoo. Thanks for your patience and blessings on a great new year to you and your families.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Saying Hello...and Goodbye

Well, the final preps are underway for our trip back home for the holidays. We are looking forward to a little time away from the 80 degree temps and sunny weather (okay, just kidding about that part). But seriously, it'll be nice to be in a familiar land with familiar people that we love and cherish. Sometimes it's so darn hard to be far away! Anyhow, I am thankful that big J managed to get a few days from work to join us for a little bit. The little guys and I will have an extended stay and look forward to spending the time eating (a lot) and visiting with family and friends.

I wrote in my last post that my Mawmaw passed away. I still don't know how to come to grips with this as it's like I have lost another tangible connection to my dad. They had the same eyes and I was looking forward to looking into her eyes this holiday and seeing the piece of my dad that shared so much with me and radiated so much love. But that's not to be. I wanted to see the smile on her face as she kissed J on the forehead and held B in her arms, but I guess our reunion will happen in another time and space. I hope she is rejoicing and has my dad in her love and embrace. This sucks. And what I have learned through all this more than anything is that life goes on...people come, people go...material things fade, but the world keeps spinning and we have to as well.

Since we will be away from the house for the actual "big day," Santa visited 2999 last night. He happened to come while J was taking a bath. To see the shock and excitement on his face when he came out was what life is all about. We didn't go overboard this year, but J loved every minute! He even opened gifts for his little brother and tried to explain them to him. B was more concerned with eating and getting off to bed this year :)...How that will change in a few years, LOL. So the spirit of the holidays definitely warmed our hearts through the eyes of our children.

So I am off to finish packing. Drop me a line and let me know if you'll be in town for the holidays. We'd love to see yall.

I'll leave you with our Christmas blessing...from my two special gifts :)

Happy Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Double Digits

Baby boy, you are ten weeks old today! Wow...Looking back at some of the pictures (which seems like they were taken just yesterday), I have realized how you have changed so much. You are so much fun and we love talking to you and snuggling with you.

We have been super busy the past few days. Our bowl game went well last night and it was good for me to see my coworkers and friends. Of course, everyone was excited to see J and meet B...So after a few days in the hotel enjoying bowl week activities and spreading some Christmas cheer, we are back home. We'll have about a day to unpack, wash and repack before we head out of town for the holidays and I, for one, can't wait.

The holidays will be a little sad this year. I am trying to think of it positively by saying that I have gained another angel, but it's tough. Yesterday morning, my mawmaw passed away. She was hospitalized a brief time before she died. My dad's mom was awesome and always reminded me to appreciate the simple things in life. My heart is heavy that though she saw pictures of Baby B, she will never get to meet him or hold him. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that my daddy now has both of his parents with him in heaven and I pray that their spirits are all rejoicing together. But yeah, this sucks. In times like these, I wonder about faith and the fairness of it all. I am not going to get into it on this blog post, but that'll be coming soon.

We love you MawMaw (or Mamom as she preferred sometimes). Please watch over me and my boys. May you get your wings and be granted peace. Please hug my dad for me. You are both missed beyond measure!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Traditionally Speaking

Sorry I have been away for a few days. It's been a little bumpy here chez 2999, but everyone is on the mend and we are declaring good health for our family from here on out!!!!

Anyhow, since we've had some days quarantined in the house, I have done quite a bit of thinking about the holidays and what they mean to me. As I have perused various blogs and websites, I am touched by some of the traditions that people share with their families. They range from the kinda strange--ie that elf on a shelf thing that I still don't get--to the sentimental--ie lighting candles for departed loved ones.

While I know that we had traditions growing up, I don't know that we defined them as such. Instead, we just enjoyed the moments and cherished the time together doing what we do...I can recall one of my favorite times was sitting by the fireplace every year waiting for my dad to make a "big" fire so that we could sit in our PJ's and hear him read the Christmas story like only he could. And yes, we did that every year, so I guess that was a little tradition...Though as I look outside at this sun and 80 degree weather, it's hard to imagine those chilly days. So yeah, well, aside from that, our annual holiday celebrations included stops at my maternal grandmother's home followed by a stop at my mawmaw and pawpaw's house. Yep, our trip to the country...filled with laughs, love, food and Wal-Mart gift that we loved so much. Those were the days, LOL.

So fast forward to saddens me that dad only got to read that Christmas story to J a few times and it sucks that B won't even know his voice. Those trips to the country aren't quite the same without him and so many more who are no longer with us. There's a stillness in the celebrations that match the loneliness in our hearts. But I have to remind myself to snap out of it and to realize that I can't dwell in grief. I have memories to make and "traditions" to uphold with my boys, my mom and my brother. So while we don't have dad's artistic touch to add the holiday decorations to the yard at mom's house, we still have to pull out his reindeer and snowman and put them up the best that we can. I know he'd be laughing and proud. I am going to bribe guncle to read the Christmas story to the boys this year and maybe, just maybe, we'll get the fireplace to light up and carry a flame like dad used to.

More than anything, I want to pass along the feeling of family and of love. After all, that's what the holidays are about, right? So 20 years from now, when the boys are grown and moving on, I want them to be able to reflect on their holidays with warm fuzzies...Okay, wait, they are boys, let me rephrase...I want them to have fond memories of the times spent with family. I want them to cherish not just the material gifts, but the intangible ones as well. I want them to be able to pass along what I guess we can proudly call our family traditions...though the are not as defined or elaborate as some, they are ours and I am grateful for them!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Judgment Zone

Something about pregnancy and having a newborn around seems to invite people to try to invoke their opinions about everything you do and every decision you make. I have matured enough in my years to finally know that I don't have to justify their opinions with a response or defend the choices that I make for myself or for my family, however, it does get O-L-D...Okay, before my rant goes too far, let me put this in context...

On the topic of choosing to breast feed B or not, I seem to have upset the masses because we have moved on from that and he's now exclusively receiving formula. I mean, damn, is this going to start the next foreign conflict or what? Everything isn't for every body! I know that we gave it a good go and he received breast milk for the first crucial weeks of his life, but like I said, it was in the best interest of my sanity and my family, that we ended it. And it wasn't even dramatic here, just went along with what he needed and the natural flow of things. I would like to think that I am educated enough to know all the benefits of breast milk and the down side to formula, so your reminding me of that doesn't help. And no, I don't feel like I am weak or less of a mother because I am not breast feeding. I feel just fine, I am empowered and I am confident that my baby boy is healthy and growing well...And if you've seen the pics of him lately, you know that he isn't missing any meals :)...

And okay, so if I choose not to have B fully vaccinated right now, again, that's OUR decision. I have heard from some that my unvaccinated child will be a risk of spreading some dreadful disease to your children because he's not fully protected. To those who feel that way, the answer is simple, stay away! We will catch up with you a few years down the line when B has been injected with all the (in my opinion) unnecessary poison to "protect" him...And while I am no expert in the matter, I do tend to believe there is a link between the increased level of vaccines that our children are mandated to receive and the increased level of autism and other developmental delays. I am willing to be totally off on that and incorrect, but again, that would be my mistake. If nothing else, I am giving B the benefit of having his shots and giving his system time to eliminate the indigestible toxins (ie mercury) that come along with them. So again, forgive my child if he sneezes on yours, I am sure your precious little one is exposed to much worse than a baby sneeze...(and stop smoking with the car windows up before you tell me anything else, LOL).

I'm on a roll now and could keep going about the "advice" that is passed my way or the opinions that I encounter more than I'd like. But just one more...So the hell what if I choose to hold my baby all day long (well, not all day, but you know what I mean). These little ones are only babies once and if he cries because he wants to be in my arms, then shit, I am gonna pick him up. It's that simple. This time next year, he will be running from me. I'll have to chase him to even get a hug and I know that cuddling with him will be out of the question as his independence will have taken over. So no, I don't believe that I am spoiling him or scarring him for life because he likes to be held by mommy. Hell, he's a baby. He's supposed to be held. I am not raising a mini adult here, I am raising my newborn son! I know that mom held me, well probably dad since I am a daddy's girl through and through, but my point is that my brother and I didn't see too much of the couch, bed or bouncy chair. We felt the warm arms and love of our parents and I'd like to say that we both turned out more than fine.

So let me end by saying the next time you want to open your mouth to me or any other new mommy for unsolicited advice, just please, think of what you are saying and how you're saying it. As for me and my house, we choose to live in a NO JUDGMENT ZONE!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Months Young

Baby boy B, you're two months old today! After taking your picture with your "milestone" onesie, I sat back and reflected on the last 60 or so days. It's amazing how in just a short time, you've changed so much. At the same time, it's crazy how the short days and long nights have already added up to your seeing your third month on this earth. We are so thankful for you and don't take for granted any time with you or the simple blessing of having you here...I updated your stats on a prior post, so what else have you been up to during your second month?

-You are a sweet baby. You love to smile when spoken to and are starting to recognize mom and dad.

-You LOVE your big brother. You light up when J enters the room and will seek out his voice no matter where he is. I am excited to see you grow and to witness the bond that the two of you will share.

-You are unbelievably strong. Your doctor confirmed this (it's not just mom saying it). You can hold your neck up with the best of them and once you get a grip on something (including my hair...OUCH), you will NOT let go.

-You are pretty consistent with your schedule. You eat every three hours, play for about an hour after that and then sleep for an hour and a half. That cycle repeats throughout the day (we are becoming Baby Wise...) and at night, you may go four hours before you wake up to eat and you go right back down to sleep once you're fed and changed.

-You have started tummy time though it's not your favorite. You'd rather be upright on our shoulders so that you can see and take the world in.

-You still dislike riding in the car and being in your carseat though it seems that you are starting to mellow out a bit. I hope so, we have places to go and things to see!!!!

-All the newborn clothes have been put away for a while now, but now I am starting to put away the 3 months clothes as well. It depends on the brand, but you are most comfy in the 3-6 months clothing and some 6 month outfits as well.

-You are in size 2 diapers and made that leap last week. You can technically still fit the size 1's, but the extra room is good on those big legs you have and also protect us from your blow outs.

-You were taking Zantac for your reflux, but I am weaning you off of it. We changed your formula to the Similac sensitive for spit up which contains rice paste and that seems to be helping. No more breast milk for you (I still think you're allergic to something in my diet, but hopeful that you won't have any food allergies).

-You took one immunization and an oral vaccine at your doctor's appointment. You have a few others to take before you are up to speed. Sorry if it seems like you are getting poked more often than the other babies, but I don't want all those toxins in your system at one time, so we are spacing things out.

-Your favorite activities include brief visits in your swing, small doses of your play mat and gazing at the Christmas tree and the lights. More than anything, you LOVE personal attention will babble and "talk" to us for quite some time. We love it too :). Your brother especially loves it since he feels that you are finally acknowledging him and communicating with him.

-You really enjoy bath time. We just removed the sling from your tub and you love to kick those feet and splash the water. We enjoy it too, though the bathroom floor probably doesn't feel the same.

-We have tried to give you prune juice and apple juice to get things "moving" down there at the advice of your doctor. I understand not liking the prune juice, but you do not like ANYTHING to go in your mouth besides milk. You don't even like apple juice and made faces like it's the worst thing in the world. So we had to table the juice idea for now...

Well, B, that's all for this month. You are an awesome baby and a joy to have in our lives. I know your brother would tell you that you are the best little brother he could have asked for!

Love you to the moon and back!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Weekend Everyone

It's FRIDAY :)...I guess that's reason for a happy dance, but around here, the days seem to flow together. Does that mean we've established a routine? Well, I guess we have some semblance of one, though added sleep would make it more productive. But at least, now that we're a week out from Mimi leaving, we pretty much know what to expect. I won't say that J has made it to school on time one time since mom has left though...but hey, there's always room for improvement, right?

I am sooooooo pleased to report that J had a good week at school. Yep, that's entire week of great behavior and wonderful learning. Is he growing up??? Tear! That's my boy!

And in happy baby news, for the first time today, B took not one, but TWO car rides without screaming his lungs out of his chest. Granted our longest ride was 10 minutes, but hey, I will take what I can get. Is he growing up??? Double tears!!!

Anyhow, nothing really on tap for our weekend but family time, but hey, I'll take it.

I hope you and yours have a fabulous weekend and do something fun :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Hit

Just a quick update from B's 8 week check up today!

-He's doing great and progressing on schedule

-Current weight: 13 pounds, 12 ounces

-Current length: 23 3/4"

-B is in the 97th percentile in weight, height and head circumference. How's that for consistency?

-He received one shot and one oral vaccine today. I split up the shots, no way I was letting them give him four shots and the oral today. There's no harm in splitting them out and giving his system time to process and clear the toxins out. So we will return in a week or two to get the other shot. Don't get me on my vaccine soap box, this is a quick post for today :)

-B cried for about one minute after the shot while big J consoled him, then he ate and napped and with the Tylenol, he's been napping off and on most of the day.

That's all for now, great doctor's visit...More tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby--1; Mom--0

Okay, so today B is celebrating the big eight week milestone! I won't say where has the time gone because I know I have repeated that chorus enough in this blog already...but seriously! Of course, B is an awesome baby and hitting the milestones beautifully, well in my book anyway :). He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we shall get the official stats then. Anyhow, we are settling into a grove and J is enjoying his little brother, he especially loves showing him off to his preschool class daily.

Well, about this time when J was a baby, I decided that I was tired of the sleepless nights and would give sleep training a go. With the help of my best friend, Dr. Gary Ezzo, and his book BabyWise (no, I don't really know him), J was sleeping through the night (from about 10pm to 7am) within about a week of starting the training. Praise sweet baby Jesus :). So now that B is at the eight week mark, I figured now was as good of a time as any to get him started. So yesterday was day one...

And okay, so this method does not involve me letting him scream his head off until he falls asleep from exhaustion (just wanted to get that out there)...even though mommy wants to scream then sleep sometimes. So basically, it's changing their eating and sleeping patters to go from eat-sleep-wake-play to eat-wake-play-sleep and repeating the cycle every three hours. So then while B is eating, he has to stay awake and once he finishes his food, he has a period of play time or anything to keep him awake for at least an hour, then letting him fall asleep for the last part of the cycle. I won't get into the science of why or how this works, but I do know from my experience that it works.

So yesterday, armed with my four year old book and with my timeline and Itzbeen (another great mommy invention) on standby, we started day one. And well, for the most part, it went smoothly....up until we got to the last feeding before bed. So we got B fed, bathed and read for that LONG sleep stretch (okay, wishful thinking) but he decided that he was ready to talk and play. But how could you deny those loving coo sounds and sweet gummy smile? So we talked and laughed and admired this creation until HE decided that it was time for sleep. So once he slept, I passed out. And I will say that his first night time sleep period went from what was 2.5 to 3 hours to about 4 hours. Then he went back down without incident and woke up to eat 3 hours later. Small wins I guess...So we will take it...And though B gets the point for winning the sleep training on day one, we will try again tonight.

And now that he's napping now, we have an hour left before the cycle starts again, this keyboard is starting to look blurry :)...Off for a few winks for mom!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Now, for those of yall who truly know me, you know that I have never been a real big fan of MJB. I don't know why, never have and though I love some of her songs, I'd never buy the CD...Well, until now...25/8 has become my theme song...and no, not for the love and reasons that she belts out in her lyrics (though it is pretty great), but because with everything on my plate, I would LOVE an extra hour in the day and an extra day in the week! Just a thought...

Okay, so snaps to myself (join in if you care to)...I got an A+ in my latest PhD course! YAY :). So why didn't I start classes earlier? I would have three degrees by now...Okay, back to my A...I was hesitant to sign up for the latest class because I would be taking it during months five through nine of cooking B. But I knew that if I stopped, it would take some motivating to get going again. My first semester, I took two classes, but I knew I couldn't do that again this time around, so I just took one--Financial Aspects of Sports. I chose that one because, hey, it's what I deal with every day and two, the class required a final exam instead of a final research paper. So I made my way through it and did all the assignments before B arrived with the exception of the final. So I snuggled in on Thanksgiving day and braved the three hour final. Given the sleep deprivation and overall busyness (see aforementioned paragraph), I didn't study nearly as much as I should have, but I was running out of time. So I was delighted yesterday to receive a nice email from my professor that included the A...In his words, I DID A+ WORK! So yay, snaps to me!!!!!!!!!!! Nine credits down, only I don't know how many more to go...I can't think about that, just knocking them out one class at a time :)

My family is my motivation (cue Kelly Rowland song...not for "those" reasons either though, LOL...just the title)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Halls are Decked

It's officially Christmastime at 2999. Okay, so I had this grand idea of how I was gonna decorate my B. Smith designer Christmas tree this year. I was thinking of repurposing the chocolate brown and bronze bulbs from last year and adding a teal accent bulb here and there along with some of those fancy winding sticks and bows and clear lights. I had grand plans and I was ready to see what my designer touch could fabricate...Enter the mommy tree. I will just say my boys had other plans...So as I gaze at the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-like tree, I am beaming as brightly as the multicolor and neon lights that adorn the branches. The rainbow assortment of ornaments scattered about and train going through the pine needles remind me of what I like the most about this holiday. The star and bow that have replaced my black angel still give me peace and most importantly the smile on my boys faces as they hear the train roar with music and see the assorted lights flicker is worth more than any designer tree could give me. So yeah, despite my initial thoughts, I have the best Christmas tree in the world!

Along with the holiday decorations, baby B is now more fun as well (if that were possible, lol). As with big brother J, around seven weeks, they both seemed to "wake up" and become more present in the world. So now, we are awakened by little laughs and greeted with the biggest, gummy smiles all the time. To say that it warms our hearts would be an understatement.

We are looking forward to a great, relaxing weekend and we hope that you have one as well. We are going to finish our Christmas shopping tomorrow. I did most of it online already, so we just have to pick up a few things...And oh yeah, if you're on our list, please send your gift requests ASAP. It'll still be a surprise if you take the guessing game part of shopping out of it for me :).

Big sports weekend on tap as well...we will find out Sunday who will head to my bowl game. Odd to not be in the mix with all the college football madness, but hey, my time with my family is way more important than that.

Okay, let me stop rambling and get on with the weekend. Drop us a line or a comment when you can.

Love yall!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whew...Putting My Big Girl Pants On

Okay, so after being totally spoiled for the past seven weeks, our family is officially on our own. The splitting long nights with Mimi have given in to a total of three hours of sleep. The clean kitchen and prepared bottles have now transitioned to a sink full of dishes and the last two ounces of milk prepped to drink. The constant companionship and advice has become seemingly silent. Yet, we are making it. B has been a relatively easy baby per long as he's fed and burped, he's pretty happy. But B and sleep just don't seem to mix well right now. Well, let's just say that B doesn't want to miss a thing...he loves conversation and LOVES television. So when there are better things to do than catch 40 winks, he's all over it. Though everyone else would rather a few z's here and there, B has other plans. And like I told Big J the other day, I wouldn't trade it for a thing....But I still miss my mommy already :)

So what have we been up to? Well, we had a good Thanksgiving week in Orlando. We got to visit with some of my work friends, take in some basketball, spend time with cousins from the west coast and SHOP. Of course, everyone was glad to see the boys and they both delighted in all the attention....Certainly two ladies' men!!!! (SN: I will be in trouble in 10 years...cue the gray hair). We missed Guncle this year but he had a great time hanging out on an island, I guess that's his Thanksgiving tradition now.

Anyhow, we came home to the greatest surprise of a HUGE Christmas tree waiting to be decorated. WHOA. Okay, so in full disclosure, I have never had a live Christmas tree before, so that's new. And secondly, I am the lazy decorator who gets the 5 foot plug in tree and calls it a day. So looking forward to the change this year. J is already having a great time as the lights are going up and his train is starting to loop around the base of the tree.

In other news, our birth announcements have gone out, so B is now officially a part of the family :). We have our Christmas shoot scheduled for Monday. Okay, so I had a long debate with myself as to whether or not we should have sent announcements AND holiday cards...I had decided the answer was no, but then that changed somewhere along the way, so holiday cards coming soon! Did I do the right thing?

Well, I guess I will leave you with another image of my princes. Love yall!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Just a quick post...I know everyone is posting about the holiday and what it means to them. This year, as every year, I have much to be thankful for. As I reflect on my time, the only thing that I long for is if my dad were still here. Regardless, I am still thankful for having him in my life and for him making me the person that I am. Laughing tonight as me and J are burning the midnight oil (hey, he's on vacation too)...I showed him a picture of me and my dad when I was an infant and J is insistant that the picture is of Pawpaw and B. LOL. I guess baby B does look like me after all. Okay, I digress, back to the point...

I am thankful for:
-Love and a loving God
-A healthy, happy family
-Being able to get through nine months of pregnancy
-The support of family and friends
-Shelter, provisions, transportation, luxuries
-A job to sustain our lifestyle
-Blogs, facebook, photography...capturing the moments of life
-Every minute that I am blessed with

Love you all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

with Many Thanks

in this season for holidays, family, friends and love, i pause to give thanks for all that is special to me and near and dear to my heart.

i am on a mini blogging break until after thanksgiving to enjoy time and live in the moment.

me and my three boys are sending you all big holiday hugs and plenty of kisses

Thursday, November 17, 2011

And For the Big Reveal...

My little loves!!!! J and B :)

If you want more pics, leave a comment below and I will email some to you! Announcement cards will FINALLY go in the mail this weekend.

Don't you just love J's face on this pic??? Priceless! You have to wonder what the boys are thinking. I hope they are the best of friends!


This is the Way We...

This is the way we brush our teeth...wash our hands...blow our name it...

Yall know that song we all sang when we were little as we immitated various behaviors. Well, lately, I think I need to sing that song to myself. Let me explain...

Some days, I literally don't know where the time goes. It's like I blink and it's dark outside and we're ready to start the bedtime routine to get ready for the next day. Now, I won't say that I get everything done in a day because that's far from the truth, but I manage to pull off a few things here and there. That doesn't mean that sometimes it's not until lunchtime when I realize that I haven't brushed my teeth or washed my face (sorry if you think that's TMI, but that's the reality of life with a newborn and preschooler)...But hey, at least like I said, I get it done, lol.

Between taking care of the boys and house and home, things are just on a slower timetable and the focus has shifted. So like one of my best friends said yesterday when the dishes go unwashed or the floor unmopped, I really don't care. I don't count it as a loss and I don't lament over the things piling up on the counter. I keep them all in the "to do" pile and move on to getting ready for the next day.

My boys are fed, clean, happy and thriving and that, to me is a mommy win!

This is the way...I roll :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

On What I Wish I Knew

I quickly learned this time around that there are so many things I wish I knew when cooking baby boy B. At different times I have "blamed" a lot of my mommy friends (sorry y'all) for not keeping it real with me about what goes on during this time. Now y'all know that if nothing else, I don't have a filter when it comes to telling it like it is, so I feel its only right that I compile this list of stuff I wish I knew...but as SDJL told me, it may be better that I keep this stuff to myself so that I don't discourage any of you or put a cloud on your mommyhood if you fall in that category, feel free to stop reading now and check back tomorrow :)...this is also my TMI alert, so the faint at heart (or stomach) need not read any further...

Now that that's out of the way, here are my musings on the stuff they didn't tell me:

-Pregnancy is not all fun, games and glowing...okay, so maybe it is for some women, but not for me...we are all prepared for the weight gain, constant bathroom breaks and general discomforts, but the migraines, frequent nosebleeds, gas, heartburn...need I go on? Bottom line--be prepared for your body to totally betray you. You will do things and hear sounds generated by your temple that you never thought possible.

-Its not all mushy all the time. I always watched the kleenex commercials with the moms totally overwhelmed by emotion with every doctor's visit, ultrasound appointment, baby kick, etc. Well, though I marvled at the creation growing within and was amazed at God's awesomeness in this whole process, I was rarely moved to mushiness. At the risk of thinking something was wrong with me, I conversed with my doc to realize that I was completely normal. It was cool and so was I :)

-Doctor's appointments are the most unpleasant times...up until delivery. Now, the early appointments exploring the wonders of pregnancy were great. But as the time clicked closer to d-day, so did the need for pain pills. What the heck was the doc reaching to find? My heartbeat from down there? Geez...throwing back the liquid for the glucose tolerance test was one thing, but loosing all your dignity every seven to ten days to see if your little ones head was emerging...all I can say (or scream) is OUCH! Okay, but once you get over the pain, its hospital time. And while these professionals do it every day, there's something about having your hospital gown ripped open, undies pulled down and privates bared publically that just does something to you. Having a baby? Leave your modesty at the door. I somehow thought that with a csection, I would escape some of the probing...not so.

And last thought for today (baby waking, so to be continued later...)

-In my words that I screamed on day 4 from home...HOLY BOOBS BATMAN! God bless you if you happen to suffer engorgement like I did. Let me tell you, its the worst pain I have experienced (and I have gone through some things and surgeries). Breastfeeding/pumping/expressing is not for the faint of heart. To sum it up, my pain pill popping was more for my breasts than my c-section...

That said, don't want to scare y'all, just keeping it real :)

Even with the experiences aforementioned, I wouldn't trade a minute of them to have B safely in the world!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not too Bad...

For one month post baby! I'll take it... Now, let's heal so I can get to the gym and get rid of the last portion of baby B's 9.5 month home :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday Dance

We are doing the ONE MONTH birthday dance for B! What a great month it's been. I am enjoying watching B grow and seeing his little personality start to develop! Here's to another great month ahead! Pics still to come...sorry for the delay...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven Eleven Eleven

So I guess baby B wanted to stick to the Eleven theme for the day. He had his four week check with the doctor this morning. We were all taking bets on how much weight he's gained and let's just say that we were all blown away. So here are his stats:

Baby Boy B
4 weeks, 2 days old
11 pounds, 2 ounces
22 inches

Yep, you read it right. Baby boy has passed the 11 pound mark. Whoa. At 2 weeks, he was almost 9 pounds, so he's holding steady gaining a pound a week. Meal time is still one of his favorite times. He's eating 4-5 ounces per feeding every three hours. I compared his stats to J and while J weighed more at birth, it seems that B is gaining more steadily and quickly. We will see how they compare at eight weeks.

Speaking of weight, I think I told yall that I went to the doctor earlier in the week too. Praise report--despite the major surgery I had last year and the c-section, I am healing well and much better than my (awesome) doctor expected. Okay, back to weight--probably the best news for me, well, you know what I mean...I am only three (count it 3!!!) pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Whoa. And that's without exercise or anything. It's not like I gained a ton, but I didn't expect to drop it this quickly either. Definitely one check in the "not complaining" box. I have all these lofty goals to start yoga (Ayo, I am gonna do it!) and pilates and get back to my running (love, love, love the "Black Girls Run" website) after I am cleared by the doctor in another few weeks, so holiday sexy--here I come...LOL!

Anyhow, back to the boys...Just so we all check in--J is holding STRONG at 64 pounds...CRAZY! At his four year old check up, he's over the curve (as he has been since he turned one) and is very tall (almost to my breasts). So looks like I will have two big men to protect mommy one day. Baby B is in the 90th percentile in weight, height and head measurements and as I said, Joshua is wayyyyy over the curve. But since they are proportional, the doc isn't concerned. Again, they will just be some big boys and I love every minute of that... #futureprosportsmom !

Well, I think that's it for today. I keep hearing that there's supposed to be some majestic thing in the air today and the ladies are overcrowding the area delivery rooms to have their babies today (nut cases), but yeah, well, I missed making a wish at 11:11 this morning, so since I know me and B will be doing the baby dance tonight, here's to a great wish come true at 11:11pm for us and for all of you.

Much love and happy weekend :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Out There....

Also, quickly, for all you anonymous readers, PLEASE do me a favor and click on the link on the right to become a follower so I know you're out there. It'll be quick and painless...I promise :).



Home on the Range...Or Something Like That

Hello folks in internet world! All is well here. I didn't realize it had been a few days since I put up a blog post, sorry about that. Nothing new really since my weekend updates in my last post. B is now four weeks old and wow, I can't believe it'll be his one month "birthday" in two days! It seems like it took forever for him to get here and now it seems like the days fly by. But by all accounts we are doing okay. B goes back to the doctor Friday, so I will have an update on his stats then. I have money on the fact that he's more than ten pounds now...This boy can EAT! I guess he's trying to catch up to J :)

In other news, we got the proofs back from our first family photo shoot. I am so excited to share them. Once I get the CD in the mail, I will post a few images. Let me just say that I have two of the most handsome boys on the planet! Our amazing photographer did a great job of capturing some oh-so-sweet moments during the session. I can't wait to get them back over there for our holiday shoot. But in the meantime, I won't leave you in suspense too long, so I will post some pics by the end of the week.

I had my check up at the doctor yesterday and all looks good. I am so thankful for great professionals here who have taken great care of me and my body. Even with the extensive surgery I had last year (more on that later), everything went much better than expected and by all accounts, all looks better than expected on the inside! I am amazed really given all that my little girls parts have been through. Just so glad that I found skilled doctors to pull me together enough!!!

Anyhow, off to take a quick nap...trying to make myself nap these days (who am I kidding, I won't go to sleep)...So off to clean and wash the dishes before this little one wakes up to EAT again...

Later loves :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Randoms

Just a few musings and thoughts from the past few days...

-As I turned in my last paper before my final exam for my class, I thought...Hey, maybe I am superwoman! I will somehow manage to complete two more courses toward my PhD while taking care of my newborn and preschooler. Even though I have resolved that "passing grades" would be good enough for now, I am striving for A's...Only one final away in one class, then we will work on the other.

-If anyone has the magic good behavior pill for four year old's, please send it my way. For some reason, my sweet, adorable, loving boy J has decided that there's no reason to display that same wonderful behavior within the confines of his school. Eeekkk!! What to do? I am trying to work with his teachers on his behavior plan, but it's hard as we don't see those same behaviors at home. Magic pills can be sent via UPS directly to my house. I will provide a shipping account number free of charge!

-Sometimes we all need a break...Yes, working full time is HARD, but being at home full time is hard as well. I never thought I could be a stay-at-home mom. With J, I had to work from home for his first few weeks as there was no leave granted to me back then. This time around, with the medical leave and FMLA, I have the blessing of being able to be home to take care of my little ones while still getting a paycheck. But hey, some days the laundry goes undone, dishes are left in the sink and dinner doesn't make it to the table. And that doesn't mean I sat around on my @*! all day. I just can't figure out where the time goes on days like that. Before I know it, it's 4pm and I am just getting around to brushing my teeth (TMI, but that's reality)...

-ROUTINE! That's what I miss most right now. I thrive on knowing what to expect and when to expect it and that plus newborn don't mix. B is pretty predictable though, eating every three hours, playing for a bit, sleeping and waking up to eat again. The cycle doesn't change much, but that doesn't mean I can count on it to stay the same. I am learning to just roll with it.

Well, that's all for now...Just a few weekend ramblings. I hope you guys enjoy your weekends...



Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Location

B at his first family photo shoot...Pictures coming soon to a blog near you :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Sands through an Hourglass

This crazy concept of time is one that I struggle with...Well, I guess in more ways than one...For those who know me IRL know that I have this habit of being late or getting places right at the appointed hour. Being early never really was my thing. But before I digress, that's neither here nor there. The "time" I am referring to is the passing of time--from seconds to minutes; minutes to hours; hours to days; days to weeks; weeks to years...

It seems like just yesterday, I was bringing J home from the hospital...A wide eyed, calm (except at feeding time) newborn with a world of potential locked inside his little body. And now, I look at that "not so little" body of his--who am I kidding--I look at that HUGE body of his and wonder where the time has gone since that August day in 2007. It just doesn't seem real that he's now a four year old who has his own demands and doesn't hesitate to articulate them. It all seems like a blur. When J was an infant, I tried to make a point of making mental snapshots of special times that would burn in my memory so that I would always have them to recall. I would snuggle him tight, close my eyes and commit every detail of that moment to my memory. I can still recall sitting in a hotel room with him when he was a few days old, sitting on my bed with him playing when he was a few months old. And I am grateful that I can recall those times so vividly. I can only hope that it always stays as fresh to me!

And now, when I look at B, I want to create those same moments in my mind. I want to be able to have those images to recall years from now because as I can now see, the time goes so quickly. So as B's days have turned into weeks (HAPPY 3 weeks B!), I am not eager for the weeks to turn into months and years. Of course, I want him to grow and thrive and hit all his milestones accordingly. But I also want him to be a baby and for this time to go slowly and the moments to last as long as they can.

I wonder what my own mommy thinks when she looks at me and my brother...I know the time seems to go in fast foward. I can only hope to look at my boys the same way one day.

Cherish the day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going it Alone

I love every minute with my little guys. As I said, J keeps me on my toes and is in constant motion. B, well, he's doing all things newborn right now and it's a constant up-and-go attending to both of their needs. I don't have to tell the moms out there about the round the clock feedings, diaper changes, comforting AND the reading, playing with cars, preschool runs, etc. Ahhhh, the life with a newborn and preschooler...and oddly (or not) I wouldn't change the madness for anything.

BUT I know that I couldn't do this alone. I guess you do what you have to do, but geez, without my mom and big J, I would probaly be a royal mess by now. On top of healing from my C-section, I couldn't be as effective or present without them. I guess this all has a way to humble you. I now know, if I ever had any doubt, that I am not superwoman...and I am proud to admit that (cue the jaws dropping)...but seriously, as an over achiever, coming to that realization should be rather upsetting to me, but it's just the opposite.

You see, I have always been "that girl" ... You know, the straight A student, president of the class, model, dancer -- well rounded and successful in all things. At work, I produce great events and constantly stand out on top. I am a go-getter and I don't like to settle for less than the best. So I guess I have this drive to be that superwoman...but looking at my sons, I have realized now more than ever that some things are just more important. The don't need me to channel my super hero powers, they need me to be the best me I can love them, provide a safe and secure environment, foster their dreams and to be FULLY present.

And I couldn't be any of those things without help. So to J and my fab mommy, I say THANK YOU fully.

I don't know how folks go this road alone...


Monday, October 31, 2011

Please Vote for MY COUSIN!

I have the most amazing cousin yall! I mean, really, she's someone that I have always looked up to from afar (like thousands of miles apart). Nonetheless, I remember when her first two books were published and though we got the paperbacks at the house for mom (I was probably too young to be reading them then anyhow), I stole the books and stayed awake at night reading her words. As someone who always loved reading and writing, I marveled at the fact that someone I knew, my cousin, was actually an author--had her words in print in a book! At a time when Af-Am lit was not that relevant in my world, she opened doors to me that I still enjoy today.

Fast forward years later and I am still amazed by this woman. We share the bond of both making the decision to become adoptive single mothers. And I think we'd agree that we have two of the best sons on the planet. So long story short, my cousin has a way of saying (or writing) things like you wouldn't believe. Her words give life to the thoughts we all try to express.

So here it is, she's entered a contest...and we need you to vote. Click the link and submit your vote. It's that easy!!!!

Thanks and goooooooooooooooooo Nef :) (her full blog is at

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wondering if he sees....

Something about looking at my boys brings me back to my dad. It's been 19 months since I last heard his voice but that day plays in my mind like it was yesterday. At that point you wonder how you will ever move on and continue living--or breathing for that matter. The thought of facing life without my dad--my hero, my biggest supporter, my confidant--was just too much to comprehend. But alas, we have no choice. And like I have told many of my friends, I couldn't take things one day at a time back then, I had to take them one step at a time. I knew that things would never be the same for me, my brother or my mom. In the months after my father died, I not only had to deal with my grief, but also try to make sense of Pawpaw's absence to a very inquisitive three year old who didn't understand the finality in death. Of course, that compounded things for me, but again, one step at a we live, we move, we breathe and we find a new since of normality...

Fast forward to today when I look into the eyes of my two week old and I wonder if my father sees him. As I rock the baby in my arms, I just think of my dad and how I know that he would give anything to hold him and spoil him endlessly. I imagine my dad imparting his knowledge on my sons, encouraging them to move toward success and letting them know that they are destined for greatness.

The faithful part of me wants to know that his spirit is here, that he's watching over us and that, as I told my friends, my sons couldn't have a better guardian angel! Days like today when I want to feel down and sad, that gives me comfort. I am also comforted by the fact that my dad was here. Sound strange? Well, I know that my dad lives through me. I hear him in my words and I see him in my actions. So though physically he has departed, yeah, he's still around...and he's happy...and he's proud of me and proud of these boys. Nothing gave him greater joy than to be called Pawpaw, so I know that he's still proudly wearing that badge!

So dad, we miss you more than words. I commit that my boys will know you and will continue to walk out the legacy you laid the groundwork for. (and tell my Pawpaw we love him too :))

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trying My Hand at This

When my first was born, I started a Babysite to document every minute and every milestone so that my family and friends, near and far, could share everything with us. Fast forward four years and lots of changes later, I am going to try this blogging thing to see how it works. So where do I start?

This blog will keep you guys updated on our family life...specifically, updates on J and his progress, my job, random stuff...AND an introduction to the newest member of our family--Baby B!

New baby=new blog! So check in on us, let me know what you want to hear about and we will keep you updated.

Here's where we are now:

J--a fiesty four year old who is enjoying his time in Pre-K. He's into cars, the Cars movie series, monster trucks, baseball, basketball, football...all things BOY! He definitely keeps us on our toes at all times. J is a big boy (about 65 pounds now, size 7/8) but he's still my baby and I love him to pieces.

B--wow...B is the little one who made his debut into the world two weeks ago. The time is already passing so quickly. B is already a smart baby who will not hesitate to "speak up" to let you know what he needs. He's a great eater (4 ounces every three hours) and sleeper (though we are still working on that whole day/night thing). B has already gained a pound from his birth weight, and is 8 lbs 12 oz and also grew two inches, now at 21 inches tall! He's the sweetest baby and loves his big brother.

I think that's all for now. How's that for a first post? Once I figure out how to put up pictures, I will do that too! #newblogger :)